How to Plan a Hotel Wedding (Infographic)

Trying to decide on a wedding venue? Read this infographic to find out why a hotel wedding could be the perfect choice for you! 

Hotel Weddings: A Classic Choice 

Hotels have long-been one of the most popular venues for couples who are tying the knot. This reflects the continuing trend of hosting the ceremony and the reception in a single location. The popularity of hotel weddings also ties in with the increasing demand for destination weddings they offer a stress-free accommodation option. 

10 Deciding Factors When Choosing Your Venue

Before even bringing up the subject of venues, you will first need to settle on your date, guest list and budget as these will have a major impact on the kinds of venues you will consider. Once you have decided on the above, you can make a list of key selection criteria. Some questions you will need to ask yourself include are: 

  1. Will the hotel be free on your selected date? 
  2. Will the cost of the hotel fall within your budget? 
  3. Will there be enough space to fit all your guests? 
  4. How conveniently is the hotel located? 
  5. Do you like the appearance of the hotel? 
  6. Are there some pretty indoor and outdoor areas that will look attractive in photos? 
  7. What catering options does the hotel have on offer? 
  8. Are the staff friendly and helpful?  
  9. In case the worst happens, what is the hotel’s cancellation policy? 
  10. How accessible is the venue for guests with mobility issues? 

The Decision-Making Process

Generally speaking, you should aim to book your venue at least a year to nine months before your wedding day. Once you have a good idea of your selection criteria, you can create a list of possible options. We advise keeping this list in a spreadsheet format, so you can easily compare and contrast each option. When you have narrowed down your list, you can start calling up venues and organising site visits. 

Dream of A Hotel Wedding?

If you are interested in having a hotel wedding and are keen to find out more, then you should take a look at this super informative infographic guide which comes courtesy of the team at The Ard na Sidhe Country House Hotel. This helpful graphic outlines the main reasons why you should consider a hotel wedding and also features some useful tips to help you get the most out of your venue for your special day.

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