Monthsary Ideas List: Get inspired for your next monthsary!

Love coupons

Trinket box

Take Them to the Salon
Red-Carpet Night – Put on your best gowns and tuxes and break out the wine for a fancy movie night!
A surprise pick-up after work for ice cream or coffee
Candy Love Poster – Use candy bars to fill in the blanks of your message!
Play “The Newlywed Game” with a group of friends
Start a Photo Album (Leave plenty of room to fill up with memories!)
Create bucket lists together
Afternoon at the Arcade
Listen to an audiobook together while watching the sun set
Make up fake personas and pretend to be them for one date
Have a potluck picnic to meet each other’s friends
Build a dream house together with magazine clippings


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Happy monthsary: Ideas for Long-Distance Relationships

Personalize Jewelry with Coordinates
Packed and Ready to Go! – Take the troubles of travel away with a pre-packed toiletry bag or cube bag. It should have everything they need for a fun weekend at your place.
Memories Jar
Write notes about each of your favorite moments and store them in a decorative jar or box. When it gets full, mail it out to your sweetheart for a pleasant surprise!
Playing a game of chess through pictures
Take a free online class together
Have a webcam workout
Themed video chats (costumes and all!)
Start a blog together
Make a dedication video using footage/pictures of your partner


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Monthsary Ideas for Geeks!

Funko POP! Dolls
Cosplay Date
Trace each other’s ancestries
Make up a movie and create the soundtrack together
Monthly Science Experiments
Superhero Tie Clip
Dig through thrift stores to find a miniature doll of their favorite character. Hot glue it to an old clip and wrap the metal arms with decorative thread.

Make Them a Superhero – Make them a comic book hero. You can special order online or make it yourself!
Bet on Game Night – Pick their favorite board or video game and place bets! However, you’ll be betting with actions rather than cash for an intimately happy monthsary!
Give a gadget Puzzle Piece each month (build it together on one-year anniversary)
Start a money jar for next year’s convention


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Happy monthsary: Monthsary Ideas for the Perpetually Hungry

Lunchbox Special – Take note of their favorite foods. Pack it in their lunch with a Happy note!
Food Bouquets
Homemade cough drops
Serve tea and cookies right before bed (include a Happy note!)
Candy Coffee Spoons – Pick out your best spoons and melt chocolate, caramel, or whatever else they love into them. Cover with plastic like a sucker so they can enjoy a yummy twist to their morning coffee.
Personalized Snack (or liquor) Cabinet
Start growing indoor herbs and spices
Flavor a Bottle of Vodka for an at-home date night
Gift Box of Favorite Snack
Buy lunch for their office crew
Attempt a local restaurant’s eating challenge together
Grow and dry your own tea mixes
Experiment with crazy flavors for new meat rubs and marinades
Learn how to can, jar, or pickle foods together
Go berry picking
Cake Pops that spell out your happy day
Figure out the most ridiculous foods you can sneak into the movie theatre
Scantily-Clad BBQ – Wear nothing but your best apron while you grill up their favorite meats and veggies![/su_tab]

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Monthsary Ideas on a Budget

52 Things I Love About You – Turn your old deck of cards into a flipbook with all the reasons you love them!
Scrabble Coaster
Use each other’s bodies as painting canvases
Personalized Fortune Cookies

Start composting, grow organic crops

Basic kitchen ingredients can whip up homemade fortune cookies in no time. Fill them with whatever messages you like!
(Free) Date Idea Jar
Write down free places to visit (park, museum, etc.), fold them up, and mix them up in a jar. Where will your next happy occasion be?
Karaoke Night Dedication
Pick a book for each other at the library
Make up stories about pedestrians while people-watching
Go splurge at local flea markets and thrift stores
Start a TV or movie series
Pretend to be each other for one date
Wrap yourself in a bow!
Pierce each other’s ears
Visit a pet store to play with the animals


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Monthsary Ideas to End the Stalemate

Open-When Note Jar – “Open-when” tensions get tight to remember why you love each other so much!
Spa Night for Them
Message (or treats) in a Balloon
Give them a weekend away with friends
VIP Photo Shoot -Surprise your partner with sexy photos from a pro photo shoot. Make it more fun by doing a photo shoot of each other!
Try a new hobby or class together!
Scavenger Hunt – Make a fun scavenger hunt that leads your partner to a gift (or to a motel room where you’re waiting on them!)
Get lost in a corn maze then find each other
Revisit the location of your first date
Rent a boat and hit the open water
Do household chores with legs taped in 3-legged race style
Dance onstage at a club/show together




Although you get to celebrate a lot of monthsaries over the years, every one of them counts. It’ll be special if you make every monthsary a thing, where you gift your partner quotes, whether it’s from your favorite poem book or novel. Just do something heartfelt and personal. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

  • Writing a good monthsary message
  • Personalised Monthsary quotes
  • Heartfelt and personal, remember to reference dates and events!
  • Handwrite it, people love handmade stuff or just simple gestures like put it in a nice letter.
  • A handwritten card will work too!

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