7 Coolest Wedding Gifts for the Newlyweds


7 Coolest Wedding Gifts for the Newlyweds

The wedding season is just around the corner once again.  And with the season coming to its peak within these months, we bet you are on your way to yet another blissful wedding celebration.  Aside from finding a great outfit to go with the occasion, you may have a bit of a concern in terms of picking the perfect wedding gift to give the lovely couple.  But worry no more. In this article, we are going to give you and your dedicated virtual assistant the best wedding gift ideas that newlyweds will love. 

Here is a list of the seven coolest wedding gifts you can give the newlyweds.  Take a look.

1. His-and-hers wineglasses (Slant Mr & Mrs. Stemless Wine Glasses)


Aren’t these wineglasses adorable?

When it comes to the best wedding gift ideas, these wine glasses should make it to your list.  These pretty pieces are perfect not only for a newlywed’s dinner table but also for whenever the couple would want to drink wine in celebration of their achievements as a married couple.  Gift these to your newlywed friends, and in no time these glasses will become a fixture around the dining area.

Without a doubt, the Slant Mr & Mrs. Stemless Wine Glasses are one of the cutest gift ideas you can give the newlyweds.

2. Non-stick cookware set (10-Piece Cookware Set from Macy’s)

If you are looking for some of the most useful wedding gifts to give, then you can never go wrong with this one.

The classic non-stick cookware set will be one of those gifts that the couple would be thankful to receive.  This cookware set is an excellent choice for preparing some of the most delicious meals that the couple will enjoy and share in their life together.  Any couple will be pleasantly surprised and excited to see this cookware set among their many wedding gifts!

3. Belgian waffle maker (Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker)

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day, so giving the couple a waffle maker as a wedding gift will be a wonderful choice.

Although breakfast is important as it is, many people find it hard to prepare breakfast for themselves because of their busy schedules.  The Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker is the answer for couples who run a hectic everyday routine. Not only will it be suitable for an easy breakfast fix, but also breakfast in bed surprises.  Who wouldn’t want to have Belgian waffles for breakfast, anyway?

4. Recipe book (Genius Recipes)


Home-cooked meals are still the best.  To help the couple prepare a delicious meal that they can enjoy together, you can consider giving them a recipe book as a gift. And when you talk about recipe books, this one from Genius Recipes is among the greatest picks.

With the Genius Recipes, the newlyweds will never run out of dinner ideas.  Aside from that, helping each other prepare the meal can also be a great bonding experience that any couple can enjoy. 

Having this recipe book will make a romantic dinner date in the comforts of their home possible at any time.

5. Glass photo frames (Pressed glass photo frame from Anthropologie)


Pictures are important to preserve since they hold some of the most important memories of our lives.  And one of the remarkable ways to preserve the pictures together with the memories that come with them is using photo frames.

Gifting your newlywed friends with these glass photo frames from Anthropologie is an ingenious way to help them keep their memories of a lifetime together.  These photo frames are so pretty that they would be perfect anywhere in the couple’s house. And because of that, this is one of those wedding gifts that couples will cherish – even after a long time.

6. Portable Instant camera (Fujifilm Instax Mini 9)

Those who said that print photography is dead most probably have never owned an instant camera.

Instant cameras may be a thing in the past, but it has never lost its unique allure even after several years have passed.  Pictures straight out of instant cameras have a certain kind of magic in them, which makes it perfectly understandable why people nowadays still keep an Instax with them.  Because of this, instant cameras remain as one of the formidable mediums not only of taking pictures but also of producing lasting copies of photographs.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 may come handy for couples who enjoy taking pictures of their many trips together.  The cool frames of these pictures also add to their uniqueness. It helps the pictures look more vintage and classic.  So, decorating their home with pictures from the Fujifilm Instax will not only make them appear creative but also will make them feel nostalgic. 

These reasons and more make a portable instant camera one of the best wedding gifts ideas to give the newlyweds.

7. Luggage set (Away Suitcase Set)

A luggage set is one of the best wedding gifts that you can give a couple who love traveling together.  And of the many luggage sets available in the market, this unique matching luggage set is one of the coolest.

Aside from its great style and look, this luggage set is one of the most durable.  It also comes with many compartments which will make the couple have more room for the things that they need to take with them on their trips.  For sure, this gift will come handy for couples on their romantic honeymoon trip.

The takeaway

These are seven of the coolest wedding gifts that you can give the newlyweds.  Not only are these wedding gifts cool, but they are also among those that are the most affordable.  So when thinking of some of the best gift ideas for the next wedding that you are to attend, you should consider these gifts as among your best options. 

These ingenious wedding gifts will certainly paint a smile on the newlywed’s faces.  And will serve as a happy reminder of one of the most important dates in the life that they will have together.

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