Flower Names: Names Of Flowers From A-Z

Everyone has a soft spot for flowers. They brighten up our homes as lovely centerpieces and add beauty to our gardens. Not to mention, they play a significant role in events like weddings and proms, featuring in bouquets, boutonnieres, and floral hairpieces.

Each of us has our own preferred blooms, but with such an array of unusual types out there, there’s always a chance to discover something new!

If you’re digging into the world of flowers, the following alphabetical list of their names could be a valuable resource. Or perhaps you’re on the hunt for a unique name for a new baby or pet? Keep reading! We hope you take pleasure in exploring the diverse world of flower types.

Names Of Flowers: Where do flowers get their names?

Flowers get their names in several ways. Some are named for their looks, like the Sunflower, which resembles the sun, or the Lily of the Valley, which grows in the low places of a garden, much like a valley.

While flowers such as the Dahlia are named after the people who discovered them or for their unique characteristics and symbolisms, it’s crucial to remember that with approximately 400,000 species in the world, it’s impossible to cover them all.

This guide will focus on those that are commonly used and recognized, highlighting each flower’s unique story and beauty.

Common Flower Names in English & Hindu: From A-Z

If you’re looking for a unique name for your child, or seeking solutions for a puzzle, this is your guide. It’s an alphabetical list of common flower names in English. Explore this fascinating floral world from A to Z, discovering the unique names, meaning and characteristics of these commonly referenced flowers.

Flower Names That Start with ‘A’ in English & Hindu

NameMeaning:Hindu Name
Acacia, Rose or WhiteEleganceसौम्यता
Acacia, YellowSecret Loveगुप्त प्रेम
AcanthusThe artsकला
Achillea MillefoliaWarयुद्ध
Aconite (Wolfsbane)Misanthropyमानव द्वेष
Adonis (Pheasant’s Eye)Sorrowful remembranceदु:खद स्मरण
AgrimonyThankfulness, Gratitudeकृतज्ञता, आभार
Almond, CommonIndiscretionअविवेक
Almond, FloweringHopeआशा
AloeGrief, Sorrowदुःख, शोक
AlstroemeriaDevotion, Loyaltyभक्ति, निष्ठा
Althaea Frutex (Syrian Mallow, Rose of Sharon)Consumed by Loveप्रेम से समाप्त
Alyssum, SweetWorth beyond beautyसौंदर्य से परे मूल्य
Amaranth, GlobeUnchangeableअपरिवर्तनीय
Amaranthus (Love Lies Bleeding)Hopeless, heartlessनिराश, निर्दयी
AmaryllisPride, Splendid Beautyगर्व, शानदार सौंदर्य
Anemone, GardenForsakenत्याग दिया
Apple BlossomPreferenceपसंद
Arbor VitaeUnchanging friendshipअपरिवर्तनीय मित्रता
Arum (Wake Robin)Ardourउत्साह
Ash TreeGrandeurशानदार
Aspen TreeLamentationविलाप
AsphodelMy regrets follow you to the graveमेरा खेद तुम्हें कब्र तक देखता है
Aster, ChinaVarietyविविधता
Aster, DoubleI share your sentimentsमैं आपकी भावनाओं से सहमत हूं
Aster, SingleI will think of itमैं इस पर सोचूंगा
Auricula, ScarletAvariceलोभ

Flower Names that start with ‘B’ in English & Hindi

FlowerMeaning in EnglishFlower Name in Hindi
Baby’s BreathInnocence, Pure of HeartGypsophila
Bachelor’s Buttons (Corn Flower)DelicacyGenda Phool
Balm of GileadCure, ReliefGilead Ka Balm
Balsam, RedTouch me not, Impatient resolvesLal Genda
Balsam, YellowImpatientPeela Genda
BarberrySourness of TemperSada Bahar
Bay LeafI change but in deathTej Patta
Bay TreeGloryBay Ka Ped
Bay Tree (Laurel)SharpnessBay Ka Ped (Laurel)
Bay WreathReward of meritBay Ka Haar
Bearded CrepisProtectionDadhi Crepis
Beech TreeProsperityBeech Ka Ped
Belladonna (Nightshade, Deadly)SilenceBelladonna
BelvedereI declare war against youBelvedere
Bindweed, GreatInspirationBadi Bindweed
Bindweed, SmallHumilityChoti Bindweed
Birdsfoot TrefoilRevengeBirdsfoot Trefoil
Bittersweet (Nightshade, Woody)TruthNightshade
Black PoplarCourageKala Poplar
Bladder Nut TreeFrivolity, AmusementBladder Nut Ka Ped
Blue-flowered Greek ValerianRuptureNeel Pushpa Wala Greek Valerian
BluebellConstancyNeel Ghanti
Box TreeStoicism, ConstancyBox Ka Ped
Branch of CurrantsYou please allCurrants Ka Branch
BroomHumility, NeatnessBroom
BuckbeanCalm reposeBuckbean
BulrushIndiscretion, DocilityBulrush
BurdockImportunity, Touch me notBurdock
BurgundyUnconscious beautyBurgundy
Buttercup (Kingcup)Ingratitude, Childishness, Desire for richesMakhanphal
Butterfly WeedLet me goButterfly Weed

Annual Flower Names: How many are there?

Annual flowers are a unique group of plants that complete their entire life cycle, from germination to the production of seeds, within just one year. To put it simply, they sprout, bloom, produce seeds, and then perish all within a single growing season. However, during this short lifespan, they dedicate a significant portion of their energy to producing vibrant and long-lasting blooms. Interestingly, these annuals are also categorized based on the specific season they flourish in, creating a beautiful array of summer, fall, and winter annual flowers.

Here are some examples of annual flowers and the seasons they typically bloom:

  • Begonia: Blooms in summer and fall
  • Cosmos: Blooms in summer and fall
  • Marigold: Blooms in summer and fall
  • Petunia: Blooms in spring, summer, and fall
  • Sunflower: Blooms in summer and fall
  • Zinnia: Blooms in summer and fall

Perennial Flower Names: What are the varieties?

Perennial flowers are a distinct type of plant that persist for several years, creating blooms over and over throughout their lifetime. Essentially, they grow, bloom, and then go dormant, only to return with a new bloom in the subsequent growing season. With this enduring life cycle, they spend a substantial part of their energy to yield vibrant and recurring flowers. These perennial flowers are also classified according to the specific season they bloom in, resulting in a stunning variety of spring, summer, and fall perennials.

  • Perennial flowers for spring
  • Perennial flowers for summer
  • Perennial flowers for fall

Below are some examples of perennial flowers and the seasons they typically bloom:

  • Peony: Blooms in spring and early summer
  • Lavender: Blooms in summer
  • Black-eyed Susan: Blooms in summer and fall
  • Aster: Blooms in summer and fall
  • Coneflower: Blooms in summer and fall
  • Daylily: Blooms in summer

Biennial Flower Names: What are the varieties?

Biennial flowers are a unique type of plant that have a two-year life cycle. In the first year, they grow leaves, stems, and roots, then go through a period of dormancy during the colder months of the year, Some months have lesser days than others, so keep that in mind!

In the second year, they bloom, produce seeds, and then die. These flowers offer a delightful surprise when they bloom in their second year, providing a refreshing change in the garden. These biennial flowers can also be categorized based on the specific season they bloom in, presenting a wonderful array of spring, summer, and fall biennials.

  • Biennial flowers for spring
  • Biennial flowers for summer
  • Biennial flowers for fall

Below are some examples of biennial flowers and the seasons they typically bloom:

  • Foxglove: Blooms in spring and early summer
  • Sweet William: Blooms in spring and summer
  • Hollyhock: Blooms in summer
  • Black-eyed Susan: Blooms in summer and fall
  • Canterbury Bells: Blooms in summer
  • Evening Primrose: Blooms in summer

Why do people need to know flower names?

Knowing the names of flowers can be particularly useful as people often attach specific flowers to their messages. Each type of flower can symbolize a different sentiment or message. This practice is frequently used in “The Unsent Message Project”. By understanding the names and meanings of flowers, you can add another layer of depth to your communication.

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