11 Funny Wedding Invitations That Will Have Your Guests Laughing

Weddings are sometimes seen as a very formal affair.
But they don’t have to be!
After all, it is a celebration of the start of your lives together.
So celebrate exactly how you want to.
And for those who like to celebrate with a little bit of humor, why not start with the invitations?
Check out these 11 ideas for funny wedding invitations that will have your guests laughing.
Pro tip: just copy and paste your favorite idea below onto an invitation that matches your wedding style!

Wedding Invitation Ideas For Those With A Great Sense Of Humor

  1. We cordially invite you to come get drunk with us…oh and we’re getting married too!

Starting off with a traditional ‘we cordially invite you’ then taking a fun twist, you’ll be sure to catch your guests off guard!

You’ll see throughout our list of funny wedding invitations that we’re huge fans of making invitations that look traditional. This will surely surprise guests when they finally read the content.

  1. It’s not like you have anything better to do anyway, so come to our wedding!

This invitation idea is more for those who can take a joke. We hope you don’t get the wrong response by sending out this edgy invitation!

  1. Free beer, save the date.

Because who can say no to free beer!? This fun card will let your guests know that they’re coming to a fun wedding.

  1. Please join us for an open bar. Oh, and a wedding.

Same goes for this style card, but for those who enjoy a variety of drinks over just beer. Your guests will enjoy the light humor this invitation provides.

  1. We only invited you for the extra wedding gift.

We have to warn you, only send these out to guests who you know can take a joke! You don’t want to send it out and get some rude responses (or maybe you do!).

Be sure to have fun with this one.

  1. Fine…I guess you can come.

This invitation is for those of you that want to make your guests feel more than welcome (sarcasm).

We hope they’ll get the joke!

  1. Wanted: embarrassing dance moves.

On the lighter side of things, this card will have your guests giggling as they send in their RSVPs. Because who doesn’t like a few embarrassing dance moves?

  1. We’re in love or whatever. Come party with us.

Oh joy, we’re getting married. This invitation hosts a little sarcastic humor, and we think it’s great!

  1. Come to our wedding, loser.

Again with the theme of beautiful invitations that throw a curveball with the text, come to our wedding, loser!

  1. I heard you like to party. We’ve got just the place.

Why, yes, I do like to party. Sign me up!

  1. Come for the cake. Stay for the vows.

Who doesn’t love cake? There’s absolutely no way to resist the temptations of a freshly baked cake. This invitation will definitely get you the biggest turnout for your wedding!

Feel Free To Use Our Funny Wedding Invitations

Hopefully these wedding invitations ideas will help your guests know that although getting married is serious that you guys are there to have fun!

Feel free to use your favorite lines and put them on your own design, we don’t mind!

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Jarett Wegner is the Media Outreach Leader for Bride Envy. Apart from helping couples have fun and exciting weddings through his writing, you can find him at the beach or playing the latest video game.

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