Good Morning! Monthsary Ideas for your loved ones

The way you start your morning will determine how the rest of the day will be. You don’t really have to go with the usual norm of simply saying ‘good morning.

There are many unique and special ways that you can use to say good morning to your loved ones and make their day happy. 

So, keeping this in mind, I have gathered for you 5 amazing ways to say good morning to your loved ones. Hope you will love them!

1. Say Good Morning with a Playful act

This is definitely a great way to start the morning on a high note. Remember, when you make your loved ones happy, you are also happy and your entire day will be simply brilliant. 

If you are a couple, then this is a fun way to say good morning. Simply do something playful that will get you out of the bed. 

Wondering, what can be a playful act?

Well, it can be anything, even a small pillow fight is more than enough.

However, when thinking of doing this ensure that the other person is in a good mood and will appreciate it. 

Similarly, you can try this with your kids especially when they hate waking up in the morning.

2. Say Good Morning with a Kiss

It is not enough to just say the words good morning to those special people in your life. Whether it’s your kids or spouse, one unique way to start the day is by giving them a kiss. 

If you have not been doing this then you definitely ought to start right away. It’s not just a way to show love but also how much you care your loved one. 

Wake your little bundle of joy in the morning through a kiss on the forehead.  You can do the same too for your spouse. Well, you will be thanking me later for this tip. Haha. It really works.

3. Say Good Morning with a Song

This is the best way to kick start the day for your baby or even spouse if they appreciate it. 

When it comes to the kids you have to be sweet when singing them a song. The song should also be a simple one and encourage them to wake up. If this trick works for you then don’t be shy to use it even with your lover.  

However, it should not be something that you do every day. Do it once in a while so that it does not become a boring routine.

4. Send a Long Text, before your official Monthsary!

I think most of us wake up to a good morning text from friends, loved ones, lovers or even relatives. 

Good Morning text messages have become a popular and one of the fastest ways that we can share love with the special people in our lives.  

This makes it one of the unique ways to say good morning especially to people who are not within reach. 

All you have to do is write down a sweet good morning message and ensure it is one that will make them smile.

5. Say it with a Hug

If you want to grow your affection then make it a habit of hugging your spouse, parents or kids and whispering good morning in the ear. 

Trust me, it will go a long way in making your relationship stronger, happier, and healthier.

Your loved ones will love you fo this. Don’t trust me? Just give it a try and see yourself.

Final Words!

There are tons of other ways to say good morning to your loved ones but the above mentioned are some of the unique ways. 

Morning is something which if started in a unique way can impact your whole day in a positive manner. Just give it a try and you will see yourself how amazing your day is.

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