18 Best Monthsary Ideas To Celebate Your Monthsaries

Celebrating a monthsary is a fun way to keep the spark alive in a relationship, especially for young teenage couples. Here are some creative and budget-friendly ideas to make your monthsary celebrations memorable.

First Monthsary Surprises

Kickstart your love journey with special surprises. Gift love coupons that can be exchanged for sweet gestures or favors. Make a trinket box filled with little things your partner loves. Arrange a surprise pick-up after school for ice cream or coffee. You can also consider creating a candy love poster. Use candy bars to spell out a sweet message!

For the Long-Distance Relationships

Distance doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your monthsary. Personalize a piece of jewelry with coordinates symbolizing where you both are. Start a blog together or challenge each other to a game of chess through pictures. Themed video chats with costumes can add a fun twist to your celebrations.

For the Geeky Couples

If you and your partner are into all things geeky, this section is for you. Enjoy a cosplay date, tracing each other’s ancestries, or making up a movie and creating the soundtrack together. You could also order Funko POP! Dolls of your favorite characters or dig through thrift stores to find a miniature doll of their favorite character.

For Food Lovers

If you and your partner love food, make your monthsary celebration about trying new foods or creating your own. Pack a lunchbox special filled with their favorite foods and a sweet note. Experiment with crazy flavors for new meat rubs and marinades. Go for a local restaurant’s eating challenge together, or bake cake pops spelling out your happy day.

Budget-Friendly Ideas

Budget should never be a barrier to celebrate love. Personalize some fortune cookies or start composting and grow organic crops together. Write down free places to visit like parks or museums, fold them up, and mix them in a jar. Sing your heart out on Karaoke Night, or pick a book for each other at the library.

Breaking the Routine

If things have become a bit routine, spice things up. Start an open-when note jar filled with messages to read when tensions get tight. Organize a spa night, or give them a weekend away with friends. Try a new hobby or class together or revisit the location of your first date.

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Here’s to many more monthsaries!

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