What is a Monthiversary?

monthiversary meaning

A “monthiversary” refers to the monthly recurrence of a particular date, especially the date of a past event such as a wedding or a relationship’s beginning. It is a way to celebrate the milestones in a relationship every month instead of waiting for the annual anniversary.

How to pronounce Monthiversary

What do I call a month anniversary?

It’s typically called a “monthiversary” or a “monthsary.” These terms are used to mark the monthly milestones in a relationship or other significant event.

Monthsary vs monthiversary: what’s the difference?

While both terms refer to the monthly celebration of an event, “monthsary” is more commonly used in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines. On the other hand, “monthiversary” is a relatively newer term, primarily used in Western countries.

Monthiversary in a sentence:

“For their monthiversary, the couple decided to revisit the restaurant where they had their first date.”

“To mark their six-month monthiversary, they took a weekend trip to the place where they first met.”

vs “Monthsary” in a sentence:

“For their fifth monthsary, they exchanged handwritten letters expressing their love and appreciation for each other.”

“On their first monthsary, they decided to recreate their first conversation over a candlelit dinner at home.”

In terms of use case, both “monthiversary” and “monthsary” serve the same purpose. They are both used to celebrate and mark the passing of a month since a significant event, such as the start of a relationship, wedding, or any other noteworthy event. The choice between the two terms often depends on geographical location and personal preference, but the sentiment and purpose remain the same.

“Monthiversary” is pronounced as “muhnth-uh-vur-suh-ree.” It is a combination of the words “month” and “anniversary,” so you pronounce it by saying “month” and then adding “-iversary,” similar to how you would say “anniversary.”

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