150 Creative Open When Letter Ideas

When it comes to long-distance relationships, everyone has an opinion. Some think they are bad for everyone involved, while others love the sweet reunion that comes after being separated for some time.

In any case, long-distance relationships are hard, which is why it’s always best to “boost” feelings of love and devotion to improve a bad day. For that, Open When letters are a perfect choice!

What Are Open When Letters?

We’ve all come across one of these letters before. Open When Letters are those letters that start with “Open when” and can make any frown turn upside down. In essence, these are letters that should be read in different situations. For example, we can write an Open When You Miss Me letter or an Open When You Are Lonely letter.

Rules for Reading Open When Letters

Sending Open When Letters is a cheap way of improving the mood of our partners when they’re far away. However, they have to know when to open them and how to keep them.

Before we send out our letters, we ought to mention the rules:

  1. No peeking.
  2. Our partner can open the letter only when the situation is right.
  3. Only one letter per week (we can change this rule if we want to).
  4. Never lose the letters. Instead, cherish them forever.
  5. Don’t share the contents of the letters with friends or any other person in general; these letters are private and meant for our partner’s eyes only.

Open When Letter Topics and Ideas

No matter if we are writing Open When Letters for boyfriends or girlfriends, at some point, we will use up all our topics. Thus, we’ve compiled all the ideas we could think of and are ready to share them with the world.

Moreover, don’t think that these letters are just meant for a lover. We can also send these letters to anyone we love — friends, family, and even our children. What matters the most is that they inspire wonderful fuzzy feelings inside and improve the mood of our loved ones.

Finally, we ought to remember that these letters should be to the point. There’s no need to write an essay in each one — even a single sentence will do. But it has to come from the heart so that the other person can feel what we’re feeling, and more importantly, feel the love we’re sending their way.

Remember — just add the “open (when)” opening to each one of these letters!

1. Open when you receive this.

We can use this opening for any letter or any topic we would like to discuss. Moreover, we can use it when our loved ones don’t have a phone nearby.

2. You’re happy.

In this letter, we can write about how happy we are that they’re happy! What’s more, we can also mention that we would do everything in our power to help them stay happy forever.

3. You’re sad.

By writing positive thoughts in this letter, we can remind the recipient of this letter that there’s always a rainbow after a storm. Thus, the bad moments will pass after a while. We can also remind them of something that always makes them smile — their favorite TV show, movie, or book, for example.

4. You wish to know why I adore you.

We can include a simple list in this letter and let the other person know all the reasons why we love them. However, we should be specific and perhaps even mention the reasons they’ve never heard before.

5. You feel as if no one cares about you.

We ought to remind our loved ones that we care and that we’re here for them. Moreover, we should tell them often that we’re always around whenever they need us.

6. You feel lonely.

Our loved ones should never feel lonely — not even for a second. With this letter, we can remind them of all the memories we’ve shared, and even send them pictures of family and friends who just cannot wait to see them. That way, they’ll know they are never alone, at least not as long as they’re in our thoughts.

7. You feel discouraged.

Sometimes, even the smallest pep talk can help our loved ones feel good. By sending them this letter, we can remind them that we’re their biggest fans and that it’s not over until they’ve reached their goals.

8. You miss me.

This letter should comfort them, as we’ll say that we miss them too. We can also mention that we’re counting the days until we can finally see them again. Perhaps we can also include a few pictures of both of us.

9. You miss my kisses.

We can mention how soft their lips were and how we vividly remember kissing them and feeling as if we were at the top of the world. Another great idea is to include a paper with our kiss mark on it, or maybe a lip-shaped lollipop and a few chocolates shaped as lips.

10. You miss my scent.

We can spritz a bit of our perfume and send a handkerchief to our significant other, or we could also include a sample of the same perfume. However, both of these items need to be sealed in a plastic bag. Otherwise, the scent will get lost.

11. You miss us holding hands.

A perfect touch for this letter would be a DIY hand warmer. We could make one out of a glove and a bit of rice. There are plenty of tutorials online that will show us how to do this.

12. You miss home.

We can send our loved ones a postcard from home and write a note on it. The note could say “Home will always be where you are,” and it could also come with a hometown candy or snack.

13. You miss seeing my face.

This one’s easy — we can fill up the entire envelope with our photos, all taken from different angles. Just add a cheeky note saying “Miss my beautiful face?” and the letter’s done.

14. It’s a great day.

When our loved ones are having a great day, we should be happy for them and show our happiness. Thus, a good Open When Letter idea is to send them one where we’ll wish them that each day is as great as that one is. After all, it’s what they deserve. Moreover, we can also include a few cans of Silly String, just to make the letter a bit more festive.

15. It’s a bad day.

We ought to remind our loved ones that tomorrow is another day and that they should relax now because this too shall pass. Also, we could include a scented candle as well — that will instantly brighten their mood.

16. When we’ve already said goodbye.

With this letter, we can remind our loved one that it’s just a temporary goodbye. We’ll still stay in touch with them, and we’ll always be a part of their life.

17. You’ve been deployed for a month.

Military deployment is tough to handle, especially if our loved one has to be deployed for a month. Thus, we should cheer them up with a letter that’ll make them smile.

18. You’ve been deployed for a week.

Hey, it’s not so bad — our loved one will be here in just one week. But if they’re feeling a bit down, we ought to lift their spirits by telling them that we cannot wait to see them.

19. You’re halfway through the deployment.

We’ll see our loved one soon, so we should celebrate that. With this letter, we can also send them a trinket that will show how much we’re looking forward to finally seeing them.

20. Your last month of deployment.

“Hold in there — only a few weeks left!” is a great opening for this letter, as it will instantly lift their mood. Moreover, we can also send them a personalized calendar that’ll have our pictures and heart stickers instead of crosses. We can also mark the day of their arrival.

21. You’re being deployed.

There’s nothing to do but to say goodbye to our loved one. However, we can always do it in the most precious way — with a letter and a package that’ll include a photo of us together, a small token so that they don’t miss us too much and their favorite candy.

22. You’re coming back from deployment.

With this letter, we can tell our loved one that we cannot wait to see them and that we hope they’ll have a safe trip. Moreover, we may even take a photo with a chauffeur’s hat and say that we’ll pick them up at the airport.

23. You’re going on your first mission.

If our loved one is in the military, they’re bound to go on a mission at some point. Nevertheless, we mustn’t cry. We should fill a letter with love and positive words of encouragement to let them know how much we love them and believe in them.

24. You’re going on a dangerous mission.

Knowing that our loved one is in danger is never easy. However, we mustn’t show fear. Instead, we ought to pour our heart into a letter and let them know that everything’s going to be alright.

25. You’re struggling to see why you’re there.

The distance between two lovers can sometimes feel as if we’re carrying the world’s worries on our shoulders. But we need to remind our loved one why they’re so far away from us. There’s always a good reason, but most often, it’s because they have valuable goals they need to achieve.

26. You don’t feel attractive.

With this letter, we can remind our loved one how much we love all their physical attributes — from their curls to their dimples. We can even include a small mirror that’ll have a sweet message on it, saying that they’re still the most beautiful person in the world to us.

27. You’re excited.

Enthusiasm and excitement should always be celebrated, especially when our loved one is feeling like the king/queen of the world.

28. You need to be cheered up.

Photos of small animals and babies can cheer anyone up, so we should include them in this letter.

29. You need a hug.

How about a warm cup of tea instead? That’ll both feel like a real hug (all warm inside) and cheer them up. How? It’ll be their favorite tea.

30. You’re feeling stressed.

Stress is never a good thing, so it’s best to just talk to our loved one when they’re feeling this way. Also, we can include a stress-reliever in the letter — how about bubble wrap or a stress ball?

31. You lack motivation.

We can remind our loved ones of their goals by writing a letter to them. We can list their goals, send them a picture of their idol with their face stuck on it, and make them remember the person they aspire to be.

32. You feel your coworkers don’t respect you.

We ought to tell our loved one not to feel discouraged nor give in to their temper.

33. You’re angry at me.

Puppy dog eyes and a sad pout work best here — we should send a photo of us making this face. They’ll surely forgive us!

34. You’ve made me angry.

We can send a letter to our loved one and reassure them that we still love them, no matter how upset we are.

35. You wish to give up on yourself.

We ought to remind our loved one of all their talents and strengths. Above all, we should tell them how much others admire them.

36. You wish to give up on us.

Relationships have their ups and downs, but we cannot give up without a proper fight. We can include a sweet photo of us together in this letter.

37. You’re on a trip all alone.

Our loved one would love to get a boat-shaped card where we would wish them to have the time of their life during their trip.

38. You’re at a new yet strange place.

Anecdotes and quotes would calm our loved one down, so we ought to send them their favorite ones. We can draw inspiration from their favorite books, movies, and games, reminding them that visiting a new place is just another adventure.

39. You’re having a hard time falling asleep.

In this letter, we can wish them a good night’s rest and add some chamomile tea or essential oils to soothe their mind.

40. You want to play a game or have some fun.

We should ask them to play a game with us on Steam or perhaps play a round of Awesomenauts. Basically, anything both of us can play together online will do.

41. You’re worrying or overthinking your heart out.

We ought to reassure them that everything works out in the end, and perhaps include a DVD of a movie that always helps them relax.

42. It’s your birthday.

Deflated balloons with sweet messages on them, a musical birthday card, and a photo of us in an extravagant party hat — we can include all these items in this letter.

43. It’s our anniversary.

This letter is a special one, so we ought to write it carefully. Perhaps we should say everything we love about our relationship and maybe even include a promise ring as well.

44. It’s New Year’s Eve.

Even though we cannot wish them a Happy New Year in person, we can still send them a letter with warm wishes and a party blower.

45. It’s New Year’s Day.

A “new year — new us” type of letter is a perfect way to promise each other that we’ll try to get rid of those habits they loathe.

46. It’s Valentine’s Day.

Confetti hearts and warm words — that’s all we need for the best Valentine’s Day letter.

47. It’s Christmas.

We can wish them a Merry Christmas and add some candy cane in the envelope as well.

48. It’s Halloween.

Halloween is the perfect time to spend a bit more on creating a monster-themed letter. We can also add a classic horror movie DVD and some candy corn as well.

49. It’s Easter.

There’s nothing better than receiving chocolate bunnies or chocolate eggs on Easter.

50. It’s St. Patrick’s Day.

We can send our significant other a coupon for their favorite bar and cheer them up by dressing up as a leprechaun and filming the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations back home.

51. It’s Memorial Day.

A heartfelt letter is a surefire way of showing our loved one that we love both them and our country.

52. It’s Veteran’s Day.

Grab the camera, a sexy military uniform, and pose! Then send them the letter and thank them for their service.

53. It’s Independence Day.

We can show our love for our country and our loved one by sending a true American Independence Day card. Red and white stripes, as well as silver stars — that’s all it takes!

54. It’s Talk as a Pirate Day.

We can send our loved one a pirate-themed letter with a huge “Ahoy, matey!” at the back and an eye patch they can wear.

55. It’s Thanksgiving.

Sending a papier-mâché of a turkey and some scented stationery (pumpkin spice or cranberry) is a perfect way to wish them a happy Turkey Day.

56. It’s raining.

We can be the umbrella for their heart and send them warm and fuzzy feelings by writing a few loving words and adding a bit of cocoa mix into the envelope.

57. It’s sunny.

Reminding our loved one how great it is to be in the sun is easy — we can send them some sunscreen and/or a pair of stylish sunglasses.

58. It’s terrible outside.

Our letter can serve as a bit of sunshine in their day. All we have to do is take a photo of our favorite beach or garden, and they’ll instantly feel much better.

59. It’s beautiful outside.

We can tell them to go out, have some fun in the sun, and take photos of this glorious day.

60. You’re sick.

Our loved one will feel much better once they receive a “Get Well Soon” package with vapor rubs, cough drops, and a sweet note from us.

61. You need to smile.

We’ll tell them a funny story or a few of our inside jokes and make them burst out laughing.

62. You’re crying.

Our loved one would appreciate a small teddy bear and a handkerchief to wipe away the tears from that beautiful face. That way, they’ll know how much we care about them.

63. You need a break.

A pampering session is long overdue, so we can send our love a gift card for a massage parlor or a spa.

64. You feel other people don’t see your value.

But our loved one is valuable to us and many others. Thus, we can fill the envelope with testimonials and notes of all those who love them just as they are.

65. We haven’t been talking regularly.

We can encourage someone to write to us by sending them some stationery, stamps, and pens. Also, we should add that we’re there for them if they need to talk.

66. You feel dumb.

We should never let them be too tough on themselves. That’s why we ought to remind them how important and smart they are.

67. You feel helpless.

We can outline one of our hands, write “a helping hand” and send them a letter via post. They’ll love it and instantly know that we’re there if they need us.

68. You need a wish to come true.

We can be their genie. All we have to do is draw a lamp or a wishbone and grant them their wish. They can write their wish on a coupon.

69. You’re on your period.

A period kit is of the essence here — we’ll pack painkillers, chocolate, as well as a warm compress, and send them our letter.

70. I’m on my period.

Beware, it’s the Period Monster! We should apologize in advance — we never know what kinds of mood swings our next period will cause.

71. You lack courage.

We can send them a mini version of their favorite type of alcohol and write “liquid courage” on it.

72. We’re fighting.

We should remind them of our love and that each fight will come to a resolution in the end. Afterward, we’ll be stronger than ever.

73. You want to laugh.

Sending our loved one some great knock-knock jokes and maybe a few puns will surely make them giggle the entire day.

74. Spring is coming.

A floral-themed card with some pressed flowers inside is a great way to wish someone “Happy Spring!”

75. Summer is coming.

Meanwhile, when summer is about to start, we can celebrate by sending them a tropical-themed card. We can also include a gift card to their favorite ice cream place.

76. Autumn is coming.

Some dried leaves in the shape of a heart and an autumn-themed card will do the trick here.

77. Winter is coming.

We can write a lovely letter and buy our loved one a scarf or a pair of gloves to prepare them for snow.

78. You’re jealous.

We have to reassure them and show them how deep our love is and how loyal we are by writing a heartfelt letter.

79. You’re tempted.

Being tempted by others is normal, especially in long-distance relationships. In this case, we should send them a letter that’ll remind them how we met and how much we love each other. We can also include a few photos of us that’ll remind them what’s waiting for them at home.

80. You need a friend.

We ought to remind them that we’re friends as well, apart from being lovers. They don’t ever have to feel isolated as long as we’re there for them.

81. You’re out with your friends.

We should say that we hope they’ll have a fun night out, and maybe include some money for drinks or pizza. We can also send photos of us having fun and make it feel as if we’re there with them.

82. You’re feeling naughty.

In this case, the right choice is a letter where we’ll say how much we miss doing “this” or “that” with them. We can also include a few pictures of ourselves in something that makes us feel sexy.

83. You feel I’m needy.

We should apologize, as we might have taken it to the next level with our neediness. We should never make them feel like they’re drowning in our love.

84. You feel lost.

We’re always there for them, but despite that, they might sometimes feel lost. To mend that, we can buy a map and connect our location to theirs with a red thread. That way, they’ll know we’re not that far away.

85. You need some romance.

In this case, love poems are always a good solution! But if we’re not that into poetry, a mixtape will work as well.

86. You wish to reminisce.

We’ll chronicle our relationship by making a storybook about it. We can even draw pictures and talk about all the adventures we’ve had.

87. You want to go on a random road trip.

At some point, we’ll surprise them. Pack out bags, rent a car, put some good music on, and take them on that road trip they’ve been longing for.

88. You want to sift through memories.

We’ll use maps and our memories to tell some stories. We can describe what happened where, and then maybe even make a slideshow about our adventures.

89. You need a pamper session.

A gift card for a spa, their favorite restaurant or tickets for their favorite sports team or band — we can include all of these in our letter.

90. You wish to punch someone.

Violence is never the answer, so our loved one probably just needs us to listen. That’s what we should do — let them vent so that they can feel better.

91. You want to break up.

If our relationship is in pieces, we can perhaps mend it by sending them a photo puzzle of ourselves.

92. You want to escape.

They can escape by watching a good movie or reading a fantastic book. Moreover, we can also give them our Netflix password or buy them an ebook service subscription. They can choose what they want to watch or read.

93. You need energy.

We can send them their favorite energy bar or coffee and inspire them with a photo of their favorite athlete.

94. You’re celebrating what you’ve accomplished.

Our loved one is the best, and we should help them remember that. We can also say how proud we are and that we’ve always believed in them.

95. You miss your friends.

We can ask their best friends to write a few notes so that we can send them to our loved one. They should feel better after reading them.

96. You’re disappointed with me.

What can we say? We have to apologize and promise to do better.

97. You feel like you’re too far away.

We can send them a calendar or a pocket watch. They should know that they’ll soon find their way back to our arms.

98. You wish to rant.

A stationary set for complaints and rants is the right gift here. We should also remind them that we’re always there to listen and comfort them.

99. You feel out of place.

Our loved one might not be feeling very confident right now. We ought to remind them why they should and how amazing they are.

100. You miss us having dinner together.

A Skype call is but a few clicks away. We can dress up and eat dinner together via Skype. A nice touch would also be to order them some food by calling a local restaurant.

101. You’re losing faith.

We should send them some quotes about spirituality and religion.

102. You’re bored.

When our loved one is bored, a scavenger hunt will certainly make them feel better. We can give them clues to solve some puzzles around our home or apartment. At the very end, they’ll find a prize.

103. You need to listen to some new music.

We can make them a fun playlist of all the songs they might like.

104. You need to watch a good movie.

DVDs or a good Netflix recommendation is the right choice for this type of letter.

105. You need to read something good.

We can cut out some interesting magazine articles and send them to our loved one to make them feel better.

106. It’s my birthday.

We miss them and love them, so even on our birthday, we should remind them of that. We can also send them a cake or some cupcakes via a local bakery.

107. Open for no particular reason.

Each letter doesn’t have to be themed. We can also send them a random letter and say that we love them, no matter what day it is.

108. You don’t like your body, or you feel insecure.

We can open Photoshop and create a fashion magazine filled with their photos. That’ll certainly make them smile and feel more confident.

109. You miss your pet.

Sending a few purrfect photos of their pet(s) is always a good idea — we can even have a photo session!

110. You’re scared.

Sometimes, the dark is a scary place. Thus, we can send them some glow-in-the-dark stickers, and perhaps even a figurine of one of their favorite superheroes.

111. You feel old.

Age is just a number, so we need to remind them that they’re not old with some good cartoons or even tickets to an amusement park. We should show them that their inner child is still alive and thriving!

112. You don’t feel appreciated.

They are our king or queen, and we must show them how we feel. Also, we can send them their own crown so that they’ll always know how important they are to us.

113. You’re having a tough time at school.

We should encourage them to try more, but also rest when they’re tired. We can also send them some golden star stickers to remind them that they’re always an A+ in our book.

114. You get high marks.

Sending a bunch of confetti and a special card is a perfect way to celebrate our loved one’s achievement at school.

115. You lack inspiration.

Quotes, sayings, and hobbies — our loved one can draw inspiration from all of these. Moreover, we can help them choose a hobby that will keep inspiring them for years.

116. It feels as if life is going too fast.

Sometimes, we feel like we’re at a crossroad. However, most of the time, we’re just nervous. Thus, we should remind our loved one of all our firsts (first kiss, date, etc.) and tell them that both of us are exactly where we should be.

117. It feels as if time is passing slowly.

We can send them predictions of our future together and make them smile by describing all the adventures we’ll probably have.

118. You’re embarrassed.

We should console them and share some of our own embarrassing blunders. They need to laugh about it and not let it ruin their mood.

119. I annoy you.

We didn’t mean what we said, and we’re sorry if we annoyed you. To make amends, we’ll send a peace sign and maybe a gift to show our appreciation.

120. We’re both too busy with our jobs.

We cannot wait to have some free time to go on a vacation or spend some time together. We can even send our loved one a vacation brochure so that they can get excited as much as we are.

121. You’re going to a party.

Some glow bracelets and a huge “Have fun” note will certainly put our loved one in a good mood.

122. You’re a bit hungry.

How about a gift certificate to a local diner or a fancy restaurant?

123. You’re very hungry.

We can send them a gift certificate for a buffet. They can eat for hours!

124. You’re feeling groovy.

Is our loved one feeling groovy and ready to dance? Then we ought to send them a groovy mixtape and get them in the right mood.

125. You’re sleepy.

We can film an ASMR video to help them sleep at night. They’ll fall asleep hearing our voice and feel as if we’ve just tucked them in.

126. You need me ASAP.

There’s just one thing we can do — we’ll jump on a plane or a bus and send you a letter to tell you that we’re coming.

127. You’re not sure about the future.

We can send them some positive thoughts and predictions about our future together so that they know we’re sometimes unsure as well — but we’re ready to work on it.

128. You’re grumpy.

A nice letter, some fantastic candles, and some chips will certainly lift their spirits immediately.

129. You need to decide on something.

We ought to encourage them to trust their gut and follow their heart. Maybe we can send them a coin that’ll have “follow your heart” on both sides of it. We can use papier-mâché or even ask a local blacksmith to make it.

130. You wish to pray.

We can send them a prayer card or a rosary so that they know we support them in all their prayers.

131. You’ve made a mistake at work.

People make mistakes all the time, and they shouldn’t feel bad about it. We ought to let them know that we still believe with them. Soon, they’ll shine again!

132. You feel as if you’re in a cage.

If our relationship is overwhelming our loved one, we need to put a light spin on it. Thus, we can send them a red flag and let them know that they should wave it whenever they feel as if the relationship has become too tedious.

133. You’re tired after training.

They need to take some time to rest. We can send them a high-quality massage oil that will relax their muscles and prepare them for the next day.

134. You don’t want to study anymore.

If our loved one is sick of studying, they need to be motivated. Thus, we can send them some cute post-it notes and a couple of good highlighters.

135. You wish to feel something familiar.

We can send them their favorite blanket or a piece of our T-shirt or jumper.

136. You wish to taste something familiar.

We should send them a recipe book that’ll contain all the local dishes they’re craving, or maybe even their favorite snack.

137. You wish to hear something familiar.

How about a mixtape of local artists that will instantly remind them of home?

138. You wish to smell something familiar.

We can send them some flowers from their backyard or spritz some perfume onto the letter.

139. You wish to see something familiar.

A very old picture of us, or our family, will help them feel as if home is just around the corner.

140. You’re one step away from graduating.

Graduation is a special milestone, so we need to celebrate it. How about a personalized class ring or a few graduation trinkets?

141. It’s Monday.

The least favorite day of the week will be so much better if we send them a picture of Garfield (a well-known Monday-hater) and a motivational letter.

142. It’s Friday.

It’s Friday, and we’re in love! We ought to help our loved one have some fun. How about a movie or a night out with their friends, plus sleeping in on Saturday?

143. Feel your luck has run out.

Once they get a four leaf clover, they’ll discover luck once more!

144. You want to know more about me.

We can list facts about us and add some stories they might not be aware of yet.

145. You want to purchase me a present.

We can send them a list of everything we would like, but still let them know they should just pick one.

146. You want me to purchase you a present.

This time, our loved one should send us a list of everything they would love to receive as a gift.

147. We’re finally together again.

Now it’s time to spend some quality time together. With this letter, we can show them how excited we are about all the adventures we’re about to have.

148. We’ve moved in together.

No more saying goodbye. Now that we’re living together, we can let them know that we’ll do our best to fulfill all our duties and never leave socks on the floor, dirty dishes, etc.

149. We’re engaged.

New adventures are about to begin. With this letter, we can say why we love them and why we want to spend the rest of our life with them. We can also include some toy rings, just for a good giggle.

150. We’re married.

How about a laminated copy of our vows? That way, they’ll never forget what we’ve promised!

151. We’ve just had our first baby.

Raising a child together is not an easy task. However, we ought to let them know how happy we are we’re going on such an amazing adventure with them.

152. You miss our children.

The kids can write letters, take photos, and draw something for our loved one.

153. You’re missing an important event.

We would love them to be a part of such an event, but sometimes life gets in the way. In any case, we need to let them know that we miss them and that we understand why they’re not here. Next time, they won’t miss this important occasion — after all, there’s still plenty of time to make beautiful memories!

Open When Letters for Strong Couples and Families

Even though we now have 153 open when ideas and letters we can start using right now, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t add even more open when topics to the list.

In the end, it’s important to spice things up a bit sometimes and help our loved ones see how much we love and appreciate them. Moreover, we can always delight them with these letters and help them feel better about their life — no matter the place and no matter the time.

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