The Ultimate Cry-Proof Bridal Makeup!

The bells are ringing and the time has come. 

Your guests are at their seats. 

The sun is shining bright and the day has never felt as magical.

You can feel the romance in the air and the butterflies are still in your belly, even to this day.

The groom is looking as sharp as never before, and you are about to tear up in 3, 2, 1…


Did you lock down your makeup and have settled for the ultimate solution? Are you sure that your makeup won’t smudge?

If the answer is no, you are exactly where you need to be! In this article, we will help you achieve the perfect cry-proof solution while giving you the ultimate glam for your big wedding day. With our professional and top 5 tips and tricks you will be worry-free while looking like a true diva, just keep on reading!

How To Do Your Cry-Proof Makeup: 5 Important Steps

1. Prime

A good base is a must-have if you want longevity. Use a primer which has mattifying properties (if your skin is oily or combination), or use a hydrating primer if your skin is dry or normal. 

Dab the product in with your fingers and fill out every little pore.

After your oils are tamed down your makeup will stick a lot better, and will let your skin look good, breathe well, and will amazing in the pictures.

Continue with your favorite foundation and make sure you are well satisfied with its coverage intensity before you move onto the next step.

2. Bake

Now, once everything has settled in every pore it is time to set the product in place. Use your go-to loose powder and apply it all over your face by doing tapping motions with either a brush or a beauty blender.

It is essential for you to apply a hefty amount to some parts, such as under your eyes, on your nose, as well as on your forehead and your chin (aka the T zone). Basically, everything besides your cheeks should be covered in powder for more than 5 minutes. This process is also known as baking.

After these 5 minutes pass wipe up the residue by moving the brush upwards and continue with your eye makeup, bronzing, and brows.

3. Lash Extensions

Say bye-bye to your smeared mascara and awful black eyeliner residue. Lash extensions are an amazing solution which looks great no matter when or where! These are long-lasting eyelashes which won’t move around, they won’t fall, nor smudge even if you end up crying during the ceremony.

They are also voluminous and pitch black without the use of any mascara.

You can enjoy your gorgeous lash extensions for 3-4 weeks, which makes them a must-have even for the honeymoon!

Every lady can get this treatment, and it can look good on everyone, no matter the age, eye shape, or preferred makeup look.

Lash extensions are customized per your preference and will look good when dancing, kissing, or taking 100+ pictures for your big day! 

Plenty of women prefer them since they are way more sturdy than your glue-on lashes.

4. Liquid Lipstick

Once you say ”I do” you should be prepared for that big kiss. And the best solution, in this case, is a liquid lipstick.

Women usually stick with a light nude shade, light pink, or brown, and they can enjoy 2-3 layers of this lipstick all night long!

The secret is in its long-lasting liquid formula which dries down matte on top of your lips. Once dried down it will leave you with flawless and full coverage, and will look great on everyone, no matter your lip fullness or shape!

PS: Just make sure you moisturize your lips beforehand since the lipstick can be a bit too drying. You can also do a sugar scrub and apply a lip mask the night before.

5. Setting Spray

It is time to seal the deal, and let your makeup stay intact! Makeup artists recommend using a setting spray which will lock everything in place.

These setting sprays can leave you with a matte or dewy outcome, so make sure you purchase the one which suits your skin type.

Women with dry skin love the dewiness, while those with oily skin should settle for a matte solution.

Apply 3-4 spritz on top of your skin, and reach back for this makeup item whenever during the day. It will help your makeup stay fresh while giving you a bit of hydration when needed.

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