Wedding Centerpiece Ideas (Infographic)

Bohemian Centerpieces:

Everyone loves a boho bride. Let your wandering spirit and creativity shine through your table arrangements with eclectic pieces such as hanging lanterns. 

Other trendy boho favorites include velvet table runners, jewel-toned glassware, and gold accents. Tall candlesticks placed on top of long tables will also add height and elegance to your reception. 

Shabby Chic Centerpieces:

This is not your grandmother’s tablescape – although you can probably find a few things in her attic to make new again. Put a fresh spin on antique pieces by embracing the shabby chic reception.

This style is perfect for greenhouse venues, garden parties, and french inspired venues. 

If you’re the type of bride who loves vintage markets and thrift store finds, you can have great fun with these centerpieces. 

Try incorporating whimsical bird cages or dreamy garden accents. You can also add in touches of gold opulence or other accents reminiscent of royalty for a fairytale table vibe. 

Rustic Centerpieces:

Simple brides will love the naturally beautiful touches earthy centerpieces can bring to a party. This vibe is perfect for outdoor ceremonies, barn weddings and backyard get togethers. You can use anything you can pillage from a forest: think moss, leaves, vegetables and more. 

You can also embrace sustainability by using upcycled materials such as metal tin cans or glassware such as mason jars in your display. 

There are so many beautiful wedding centerpieces to choose from, so ditch the traditional floral and get creative! Check out some of our fresh and fruity centerpiece inspiration below or head over to Zola to check out more wedding centerpiece inspiration. 


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